100% pure natural rubber toys & teethers.

Certified non-toxic.




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Baby toys inevitably end up in baby’s mouth, so ensure their health comes first with caaocho® teethers and toys, made of 100% pure, natural rubber that is safe, chemical-free, sustainable, ecofriendly and best of all, fun for your baby! By using 100% natural rubber that is responsibly and sustainably sourced, we maintain high standards in premium quality toys and teethers. At caaocho®, we take pride in creating products that place the safety and amusement of your little one at the forefront of our priorities while ensuring Earth isn’t damaged in the process.  

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At caaocho®, we pride ourselves in offering products designed in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. caaocho® baby toys and teethers are all designed with rich textures, natural materials and sensory play in mind, giving your child a toy that delivers on endless levels. With each creation, we ask ourselves if a baby would want to play with it, hold it, touch it, and mouth it before we ever go into production. Baby’s needs are our needs.  

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At caaocho®, we want to support your child from the first signs of teething right down to the last molar. caaocho® teethers and teething toys are durable, high quality and safe for endless hours of gnawing, chewing, tugging and biting while soothing baby’s sore gums through all five stages of teething. All caaocho® products are also designed with distinctive textures to keep baby entertained for hours! Best of all, our 100% natural rubber design is free of chemicals, including BPAs, PVC, phthalates and nitrosamine, so your baby will be simultaneously soothed and safe through hours of teething comfort.  

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At caaocho®, we know that baby toys are at their best when they stimulate baby’s senses to encourage cognitive development. All caaocho® toys feature textures, colours and our 100% natural rubber design that will delight your baby while encouraging sensory play that heightens brain development in the early stages of life. Through engagement of all five senses, caaocho® toys develop fine and gross motor skills, cognitive function and improved communication.  

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Bath time should be full of good, clean fun for babies and parents. caaocho® ocean collection of bath toys provide endless hours of safe, colourful play for your child while ensuring that their health is a top priority. Our hermetically sealed, 100% natural rubber bath toy designs will entertain baby and put your mind at ease.  

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